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What do Obama, Michael Mann and Jerry Sandusky have in common?

31 Jul

Well maybe that …. but it’s this guy…

Graham Spanier

This is the guy who covered up the Michael Mann “Hockey Stick” fraud, was fired for covering up the Penn State child abuse case, and has now been hired by the Obama administration

Make you wonder what else Obama has to hide??

More at American Thinker..

WaPo, Climate Audit


But what exactly accounts for prosperity if not culture?

31 Jul

Mitt Romney hits it out of the park – again

Many significant features come to mind: our work ethic, our appreciation for education, our willingness to take risks, our commitment to honor and oath, our family orientation, our devotion to a purpose greater than ourselves, our patriotism. But one feature of our culture that propels the American economy stands out above all others: freedom. The American economy is fueled by freedom. Free people and their free enterprises are what drive our economic vitality.


Somewhat more inspiring than – “Somebody else did that…”

NRO via Power Line


Culture Matters

31 Jul

According the Arabs at the UN…






Christy Clark …paving the way for the NDP…

31 Jul

Clark is Constitutionally Challenged…

At no time has Clark’s misunderstanding of her role as premier been more evident than in her fumbling of the Northern Gateway pipeline file, and her performance at last week’s Premiers Conference….

It is troubling for the voters of B.C. that Clark concocted an ill-advised and unconstitutional proposal. More troubling is that when faced with the prospect that such a plan had no support from the other governments involved, Clark forged ahead and displayed publicly her desperate political ambition with threats and pronouncements upon which she cannot make good.


Penticton Western News

Happy Birthday Milton Friedman

31 Jul

Milton Friedman was often the only sane man in the room, was born 100 years ago today. Worth Celebrating.



We could use more of his kind of common sense. You’ll never see this on CBC…


Sun News TV

The Answer to Sh*tty Socialized Medicine

31 Jul

Is more sh*tty socialized medicine…

Incoming head of Canadian Medical Association sees a ‘deeply demoralized’ medical profession

Perhaps they’d feel better if they were able to practice as they see fit and charge for their services… instead we get…

But she said Canadians should expect to get equal health care no matter where they live or travel in the country. Instead, she said, “It’s a different set of rules everywhere you go in the country.”

We do get equally poor health care no matter where we live or travel in the country….

America – welcome to our nightmare!, Drudge

One Man’s Gaffe is Another’s Truth…

31 Jul

Romney wraps up gaffe-prone tour with swipe at Russia

If pointing out Russia is sliding back into totalitarianism, by “electing” President for Life Putin… is a “swipe”..and

Romney’s ‘racist’ economic statement outrages Palestinians

If acknowledging that a culture that embraces private property rights, the golden rule and freedom will always outperform a culture of collectivism, an eye for eye and oppression is racist…

Then Romney’s trip was indeed gaffe prone and racist …

Let’s hope he keeps it up!

Globe and Mail

Robocalls … what about Robocalls???

31 Jul

Elections Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada ...

Making up the rules as they go


BC Blue, The Star


What About Your Gaffes….?

31 Jul

Romney’s press guys play it right…



Yeah – what about your gaffes…?






Once upon a time, Massachusetts burned witches…

31 Jul

Now it grills chicken-sandwich homophobes.

The Mayor of Boston doesn’t like Chick-fil-A because of it’s CEO believes in traditional marriage, but funds Muslims that can’t decide whether to toss gays off a cliff, or set then on fire.  Rahm Emanuel in Chicago decries Chick-fil-A for it’s traditional values, which aren’t, he says, Chicago’s values, and embraces Louis Farrakhan’s gang of felons, the “Fruit of Islam” as they come to the South Side to “keep” the peace…

Styen’s warning to gays and Muslims – who presumably will need to “sort out their differences” sometime in the future…

Already in Europe, in previously gay-friendly cities like Amsterdam, demographically surging Muslim populations have muted Leftie politicians’ commitment to gay rights, feminism and much else. It’s easy to cheer on the thugs when they’re thuggish in your name. What happens when Emanuel’s political needs change? Americans talk more about liberty than citizens of other Western nations, but, underneath the rhetorical swagger, liberty bleeds. When Mayor Menino and Alderman Moreno openly threaten to deny business licenses because of ideological apostasy, they’re declaring their unfitness for public office. It’s not about marriage, it’s not about gays, it’s about a basic understanding that a free society requires a decent respect for a wide range of opinion without penalty by the state. In Menino’s Boston, the Freedom Trail is heavy on the Trail, way too light on the Freedom…

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