Holiday in Spain…

11 Jul

“It is to be recession there, recession here and some measly cup of porridge for all.” 

The Germans have just about reached their limit and are signalling to their EU dependents that it’s nearly time to move out of the basement and get on with their lives. The German court has indicated that further funding by Germany of the European Stabilization Mechanism is unconstitutional.  Portugal responds ruling that cuts to public pensions are unconstitutional.  France is well…France (can’t be long until there’s riots in gay Paris).

The amount of capital being used and the ability of anyone to pay for what now must be paid or, if not, what cannot be paid is now like an anchor firmly strapped to the neck of the beast and the stumbling increases with the weight.”

With the Germans dictating the terms in Europe – and the French in deep denial – what could possibly go wrong…

h/t Zero Hedge

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