Spot the Felon

16 Jul

There’s some discussion that one of men running for President of the United States may be a “felon”which one do you think it is?

Mitt Romney – Born in Detroit, Father CEO American Motors/Governor, cub scout, attended Brigham Young, Harvard Law, Harvard Business, married to wife Ann for 43 years, former State Governor, successful businessman, Mormon, 5 kids, saved the Salt Lake Olympics.

Barack Husein Obama – Born Hawaii*,  raised by a series of mother’s boyfriends, grandparents and various communist mentors, attended Indonesian Madras, spent much of high school stoned with the Choom Gang, attended Occidental*, Columbia*, Harvard*, attended Rev. Wright’s church for 20 yrs, community activist organizer , enthusiastic user of cocaine and other recreational drugs, product of the Chicago political machine. And he lies.

* Records incomplete

If one was searching for felonious evidence one would probably not start with Mitt…


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