LOST was always a Looser

17 Jul

Which is why Obama, the NDP, and the UN backed it…

The premise of the “Law of the Sea Treaty” is precisely the same as Kyoto – to transfer wealth from the developed west to hellholes of tyranny in the third world. A few Republican Senators found their balls and stopped the ratification – for now… But like all things UN, “LOST” will shapeshift and come skulking back – it’s been out there for 30 years.

And guess which billionaire twit Democrat sponsored this thing —

By getting to 34 Senators in opposition, we have won a big battle. But Senator Kerry is unlikely to give up very easily, and the war won’t be over until it’s over.
Indeed, Kerry is already planning a counteroffensive for after the election, when his spokeswoman said Senators will be “away from the politics of the moment.”

h/t Michelle Malkin



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