But Marion disagreed, noting the bed and breakfast was not run by a church…

18 Jul

From the “Travel” section of the Vancouver Sun…

Gay couple wins human rights battle after reservation cancelled at B.C. B&B

The case began when Eadie phoned Susan Molnar to make a reservation to stay in a room with a single bed at the bed and breakfast.

But Susan Molnar was concerned that she may have just rented the room to a same-sex couple, so Les Molnar called Eadie back to ask if he and Thomas were gay.

Eadie affirmed they were, to which Molnar says he replied that that staying at his house was “not going to work out.”

Eadie responded by saying “wow,” and hung up the phone. He testified he found the exchange quite disturbing.

At the tribunal hearing, the Molnars, devout Christians who regularly attend church, argued they had a constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion, and that the cancellation of the reservation was justified on this basis.

Their mistake of course was telling truth, and being Christian... Too bad they weren’t Muslims

Vancouver Sun



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