Cameron – Stickin’ it out – No Matter What

19 Jul

David Cameron: I’ll never campaign to take us out of Europe

Despite this…

Britain is back in recession and the crisis in the euro looks likely to condemn this country to a lost economic decade.

The prognosis is not good. There are three scenarios: the first is the eurozone acting together to sort out the problems, the third is the break-up of the single currency. The British assessment is that economic malaise is likely. The Prime Minister says: “I think scenario two, which we are in at the moment … steps taken to make do and mend, steps to kick the can down the road, steps that bring about a bit of banking union or fiscal union but the crisis continues. I think that is the most likely scenario.

I think he should pull his head out of his butt…

“And that’s bad for Britain, it’s bad for Europe. But we have to recognise that what these countries are engaged in is an incredibly difficult decision. This is why we didn’t join the euro.

But why did Britain join the EU… why no referendum?

The Telegraph


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