19 Jul

For example my first post-college job I could have done as a 6th grader (data entry and faxing), but they STILL demanded I had college degree.

I frankly stopped caring a long time ago.  When I see “MBA preferred” or “CFA preferred” or “FMG preferred” or “SIGMA Six” or any other certification acronym that some faux educational/certification/professional association came up with just to milk more money out of its member workers, I don’t bother applying.  The reason why is not only am I unlikely to get the job, but when does it stop?  When does the blasted and worthless CPE or “continuing education” end?  When do I get to work and excel and push the boundaries of my field and my job?  When does the bleeping training end and the production finally start?

And Obama wants to give “Master Teachers Corps” $1Billion…more teachers to teach teachers…

h/t Captain Capitalism


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