Were it otherwise, the Green Party itself would have little reason to exist.

19 Jul

The Green Party has little reason to exist anyway, other than to give a few slack-lining hippies and rent-seeking commies something to do on election day – and provide stark and silly contrast to the mostly practical and sensible policies of the Harper government. And peeling off a few points from the Socialists in the Liberals and the Stateist NDP – thereby propelling the Conservative candidate to the office he already won.

Adam Goldenberg may wax eloquent about franchise and democracy, but his premise is less about giving fringe voters a voice and all about getting those voters motivated to get to the polls (something they probably wouldn’t bother to do..) in the hope they’ll throw in with Libs.  If Goldenberg were honest, his concern would be about the Supreme Court silencing the voices 50,000 plus valid voters , in favour of a handful of questionable ballots, and some incompetence on the part of Elections Canada.

As Canada moves to a two party system, the Blue and Trudeau Liberals from Toronto and Montreal are going to have to make choice – play dog in the manger, dig in their heels and support socialists to spite the Conservatives-and vote against their self interest – or admit that since dropping the “Progressive” side of the party, the Conservatives have governed well, instituted and executed good policy and served them well.

It’s the Liberals and the Greens that have little reason to exist – and time for Canadians to have, and make, a choice between the liberty of the Conservative Party, and the tyranny of the NDP.

Globe and Mail


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