20 Jul

Can’t wait to see the videos …


BC Blue…

BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all...

You have to love watching the media members discover that their creepy-love for killer Omar Khadr isn’t shared by the average Canadian and that they are becoming increasingly impotent influencing our Conservative government.


Safety Minister Vic Toews has irritated me to no end on some issues but his decision that he will not accept the transfer of Omar Khadr until he sees the sealed psychiatrists’ interviews is absolutely perfect (see here).

This then led the National Post’s Jonathan Kay to write a bizarre, petulant rant lashing out at the one doctor calling him a “bigot”, Ezra Levant for writing a “hysterical book” and of course Toews who he mocks as “Vic Levant”(see here).

It must be ever so hard for these Media Party members to see Levant leave them in the dust when they all agree that they are the ones who only truly matter.

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