Oh… So THIS is what democracy looks like

20 Jul

Khadr to rot in Gitmo a little while longer….

Because 68% of Canadians understand he’s murderous terrorist…

TORONTO – Omar Khadr won’t be coming home to Canada any time soon.

The Canadian government has balked at the return of the convicted war criminal and murderer until U.S. authorities turn over allegedly-damning video footage of psychiatrists’ interviews with the Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

“I came to the conclusion that Omar Khadr (is) highly dangerous because of the nature of his role in the community of al-Qaida and other Islamist terrorists,” Welner said, adding the “street smart” Khadr, when he is eventually released from custody, will be “under tremendous pressure” from those around him to be a leader in radical Islam’s war on the West…. Sun News

Should make for interesting viewing….

Here’s how it works…
h/t Blazing Cat Fur, Blogwrath


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