Until now, Ms. Clark has not taken a stand on the project.

23 Jul

When you’re 26 pts behind the lackluster NDP because your policies are EXACTLY the same as theirs... non-existent…

A middle-class family of four can expect to pay up to $187 more this year. Low-income families don’t catch a break either, with their tax bill rising by $152. And those figures do not include higher fees for services from Crown corporations such as BC Hydro, BC Ferries and the Insurance Corp. of B.C.

This week, asked how that squares with her tax commitment, she fell back on an old refrain: “We are not raising income taxes on people.”

Which is true – medical service premiums and the carbon tax went up instead.

Why not double down…
They’ve already lost the election….

The only silver lining of an NDP win in May will be Clark’s resignation as Liberal leader.

Globe and Mail, National Post,

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