Eurozone… is in recession and rapidly falling off the cliff

24 Jul

The Issue Of ‘Moments’

Germany finding herself in a recession by the fourth quarter and an actual debt to GDP ratio that is getting stretched to well beyond 100% of the country’s resources. If the downgrades continue and are actualized then it will not just be the separate countries that are affected but the whole European construct that will lose its “AAA” status.

Historically, if we note the demise of the Soviet Union, all of the countries that were included in this Bloc were part of the Soviet Union until the Moment when they were not but this occurrence had very little economic effect upon the United States and so was discounted as historical but not financially relevant. This will not be the case with the European Union and we are facing two specific Moments that may change the course of events.

A Greek Moment, An Irish Moment, A Spanish Moment, how soon will France and Germany will have theirs…

Communism is Communism regardless where is occurs..

Zero Hedge, Reuters,


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