Where have we heard this before…. but Bush Lied…

24 Jul

Did the Assad regime just tell the world where Iraq’s WMD have been for the past decade or so?

We could use chemical weapons’: Syria’s chilling warning to the world to keep out

The horrific weapons can be unleashed with medium-range SCUD chemical warheads and SS21 artillery shells capable of carrying the chemical warheads. They are being stored in over 37 facilities across the country and there are at least four chemical weapon production facilities located in the cities of Homs, Hama, Latakia, Palmyra and al-Safira.  Assad’s WMDs are also stored in the towns of Khan Abu Shamat and Furqlus and rebels claim the weapons have already been covertly unleashed on their forces.

Mirror Online

It includes “thousands of tube and rocket artillery rounds filled with mustard-type blister agents, thousands of bombs filled with the nerve agents sarin and possibly VX , and binary-type and cluster CW warheads filled with nerve agents for all its major missile systems.

“Its CW infrastructure is believed to include several production facilities and numerous storage sites, mostly dispersed throughout the western half of the country,” Eisenstadt said.


Saddam Hussein used his…

The team discovered 10 massive burial pits, all oriented along the same north-south axis. “If Steven Spielberg ever did a documentary on what happened to the Kurds, this is where he would come,” observes Trimble. “There are graves as far as the eye can see.” The team picked one, and brought in a trackhoe to take off the upper layers of sediment, a way of speeding the initial phase of the dig. The bodies, they discovered, lay just a foot and a half below the surface.

Anyone curious where Assad got his WMD???

Bush lied….

CNN, Fox

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