Christy Clark – Occupy Gateway

26 Jul

The so-called “Occupy” movement brought new meaning to the term “Fair Share”. Traditionally, a fair share meant that one ought to be able to extract a fair price for his or her time, goods or services and would be expected to contribute back to society a legally enumerated amount in taxes.  Any further contribution in the form of donations of time or money would be the choice of the donor.

Christy Clark and the Occupy movement redefined Fair Share to mean that those who “have” ought to be compelled to “give” to those who “have-not” – and the consequence of resistance is a threat to damage the private property of those who have – put another way – “from each according to his means to each according to his needs”…

Clark is demanding a “Fair Share” of the proceeds, not of the construction or on-going operations of the BC portion of Northern Gateway, but of the oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan in the pipeline – Just like Occupy, Clark is reluctant to define “Fair Share”, and just like Occupy, Clark threatens material damage to the stakeholders in Northern Gateway – and just like Occupy, Clark has no legal or moral basis for her demands.

And just like Occupy, Clark will make some noise, get some press and become a footnote in BC’s history.

Clark has been an embarrassment to BC for some time – in the past few days she has demonstrated she is also unfit to lead.

Christy Clark – paving the way for the NDP


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