Glen Beck is the Crazy One…

27 Jul

Citing the sold-out Dallas Cowboys stadium that will serve as home to Restoring Love, Beck then jested, “I hear there’s a few people coming to the stadium on Saturday as well!”

Responding to critics of the Tea Party and conservatives by and large, Beck reminded the crowd that they have “already won” and that if they simply “stick together and ”never engage in hate” then the media, progressives and the liberal establishment will have been proven wrong.

“Everything they say about us is a lie,“ he exclaimed before explaining that they are not ”our enemies“ but rather ”enemies of [God] and man’s freedom.”

“They will destroy themselves. Just give everyone a square deal, be honest…don’t dishonor yourself and serve your fellow man.”

Explaining how we are all witnessing something that only happens every so often, Beck said that “the progressives have woken the sleeping giant again.”


This is awkward for Rachel Maddow… and the Dems

The Blaze


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