Christy Clark’s Pipeline Tantrum = FAIL

7 Aug

Not that her stance was nakedly political…

Gateway pipeline standoff fails to give B.C. Liberals a boost with voters

Premier Christy Clark’s high-profile campaign to seek a better B.C. deal from the controversial Northern Gateway project does not appear to have lifted support for her embattled BC Liberals ahead of the next provincial election, a new poll suggests.

The BC Liberals, who will be seeking a fourth term in the May, 2013, provincial election, are at 23 per cent, up from 20 per cent, as measured by a Forum poll last month. The BC Conservatives – who, like the Liberals, have no connection to their federal namesake – are at 18 per cent.

Clark has consistently come down on the wrong side of each important issue during her short tenure as Premier.  She has miscalculated on Northern Gateway.  The left will never vote for Clark. The Liberals’ fall from grace in BC, a generally small c conservative province is the direct result of Clark’s consistent drift to the left.  Only fear by the electorate of another lost decade under the NDP will save Clark.

Clark’s strategy of being slightly to the right of the NDP will deliver BC to the NDP.

Christy Clark – paving the way for the NDP

James Moore helps out….

Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun


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