Who knew that the 24th electoral district in Chicago actually sits in Northwest Madrid?”

7 Aug

Obama begs Spain to take any bailout – because if the Euro fails this fall – which is more and more likely, the S & P tanks – and that makes a second term for America’s first half white President impossible…

oh and BTW – the US economy will follow the EU over the cliff….

…. into the president’s pre-election tactics, which now apparently involve begging heads of sovereigns to accept bailouts from other sovereigns (coughgermanycough) just to boost one’s reelection chances. Why? Because the one thing that could send the S&P ripping higher, however briefly, is what we have been discussing for the past week: namely the market finally getting the paradoxical catalyst that the market has already priced in – Spain admitting it is broke. And why would Obama be focused on a rising S&P, fiscal cliff after the election notwithstanding? The chart below should explain it….



How much gold should a small town school teacher hold in her portfolio.


Zero Hedge




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