Globe and Mail Discovers Health Care is Not a Right…

8 Aug

If it were – doctors, nurses and drug companies would be compelled to provide services without compensation….

Don’t let needed drugs disappear without notice

Health Canada cannot compel a pharmaceutical company to manufacture a drug. But many doctors argue that Ottawa has an obligation to warn patients of a drug stoppage as early as possible, especially when the medication is life-sustaining, as in this particular instance. At it stands now, pharmaceutical companies need to give Health Canada only 30 days’ notice when they stop producing a drug.

But this is bound to repeat itself with another drug, at another time, unless public policy is strengthened.

Now that the Provinces have banded together to coerce drug companies to reduce competition, we can expect lower supplies and higher prices for drugs – or more withdrawals of drugs made no longer profitable by government actions…

America – welcome to our nightmare...


Globe and Mail


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