Mitt Hates Women…Be Very Afraid…

8 Aug

From Villainous Company.… (a favourite…)

….has learned one thing from the latest spate of political ads to hit the airwaves, it’s that we should be deeply afraid of Mitt Romney. Because he has scary, woman hating testicles. And he hates our freedoms.

It was bad enough when Mitt Romney only wanted to turn the clock back to the Stone Age when women were routinely impregnated against their will and forced to procreate for The Patriarchy. Yes, that was bad enough, but not as terrifying as the latest troubling revelation about this Deeply Scary Candidate.

Apparently, he can unilaterally overturn Supreme Court decisions, repeal acts of Congress, kill women, and cancel our insurance policies.

We haven’t seen such blatant fear mongering since the 2008 election, when those racist Rethugs just wouldn’t let poor Barack talk about the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. Lord knows, the poor man tried to protect gullible voters from the Scary, Divisive Politics of Fear…

Don’t forget – Romney is also a felon and a murderer....


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