The Idea That “Both Sides Do it” is Bullsh*t…

8 Aug

The media continually tell us that “political discourse” has reached new lows, but both sides are guilty... Congress does nothing, but both sides of the aisle are guilty… violence is out of control and it’s Christian and Muslim radicals…


The evidence just doesn’t support the notion that blame is equal on both sides.  Obama has accused Romney of everything from tax evasion to murder, Romney has accused Obama of being incompetent…Republicans in the House have passed budgets, tax initiatives and reforms, Harry Reid and the Dems have blocked every motion either via filibuster or refusing to bring a vote in the Senate…. Loughner, Brevick, James Holms and Wade Michael Page    have or had no real political or religious affiliation, Nadil Hasan, in Canada Marc Lepine whose real name was Gamil Gharbi,  Carlos Bledsoe aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad any many other “mass murders” were all devout and/or radicalized Muslims.  The CEO of Chick-fil-A affirmed his belief in the traditional definition of marriage, the Gay activists and liberals harassed Chick-fil-A employees and others…

We have yet to hear inaccurate smears from the right, we have yet to see any compromise from the Left… and we have yet to see any religious, sexual persuasion or race motivated acts or words of violence or hate from the Conservatives, while Gays, Blacks and Muslims get pass after pass in the media when spewing hate and lies about Christians and Whites, particularly women.

In an attempt to appear “fair and balanced” we’re lying to ourselves if we believe “both sides” are “guilty – because it is clear that only the Left is at fault.

Would be nice if some our so-called right wing journos would begin to point this out…


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