“…Greece is insolvent and cannot and will not pay back its debts.”

9 Aug

ECB Prints Euros to Give to Greece to Make Interest Payments to ECB…

And the ECB loans money to loan to Italy, to loan to Spain to loan to Greece to pay back Italy…

…because the central bank is prohibited from financing governments directly. As a result, no one is talking openly about the absurd flows of money. The ECB has only hinted that it will extend a helping hand to Greece.

Now, information has leaked regarding how the ECB plans to keep Greece on its feet until the next tranche of European Union-International Monetary Fund aid is paid out. The ECB has chosen a detour via the Greek central bank. It will allow it to issue additional emergency loans to the country’s banks. These in turn are supposed to use the money to buy up Greek bonds with short maturities. This will scrape together €4 billion, according to the plan.


As the EU slowly spirals down the drain, rules will be ignored, laws will be broken and individuals will be destroyed all to assuage the egos of a few Euro Communists and EU cronies.

What are the odds Germany beats Greece to the EU exit?




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