Christy Clark – “Devout” Anglican…

10 Aug

Christy Clark’s vanishing act follows Enbridge pipeline posturing

How much more damage could she possibly wreak..

Since the premiers’ meeting, the Premier’s only relatively prominent public appearance was on the religious TV talk show 100 Huntley Street, on which Ms. Clark, a devout Anglican, professed faith in the Bible to see her through tough times.

With luck she’s cloistered herself in some nunnery or other to seek guidance on her pipeline blasphemy...

We are unsure what exactly in what a “devout Anglican” (Episcopalian for our American friends) believes these days…but it would be unsurprising to find Christy sharing the pew with the odd transgendered worshiper these days.

Plenty of empty seats in the Anglican Church these days
Let us pray…for a leadership review

Globe and Mail


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