Merkel is going to have to choose between…

10 Aug

…keeping her coalition going and saving the euro…..She is not going to be able to do both.

With the EU now being called, in derogatory terms a “liability union”, “it is not clear” how Merkel can convince her troops to approve her rescue programme. Every additional million that flows to Athens destroys the credibility of her centre party.

and the odds she chooses the Euro look to be between slim and nil…

In the meantime, more and more people within the governing parties have been talking about holding a referendum in Germany on the European Union. Rainer Brüderle, the floor leader of the business-friendly Free Democrats, Merkel’s junior coalition partner, said on Friday that there could come a point “when a referendum on Europe becomes necessary.”

What are the odds Germany beats Greece to the EU exit?

EU Referendum, Zero Hedge
What aWhawwwwwwww


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