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Dimon … ‘It’s a Free F**king Country’

14 Aug

We can appreciate Dimon’s frustration with the Obama administration…

“We recently had an event with a hundred small bankers here, and 85 percent of them said they can’t challenge the regulation because of the potential retribution. That’s a terrible thing, okay? This is not the Soviet Union — this is the United States of America. That’s what I remember. Guess what?” he asked with a raised voice, “It’s a free. F**king. Country.”


The problem of course is that Jamie got exactly what he paid for...

The Blaze, Open Secrets


Pierre Trudeau would be Proud of the Indo-Canadian Soccer Association

14 Aug

Because this is precisely what he had in mind for Canada…

…. after her son’s soccer team was barred from tournaments because they have too many nonIndo-Canadian players.

The Surrey mom said her son and his U13 teammates from the BC Tigers Sports Club have been sidelined from competing in the United Summer Soccer Association because of a controversial rule from the Indo-Canadian Soccer Association.

Rule 32 states that a maximum of four imports – players who aren’t Indo-Canadian – are allowed in all boys U13 and U14 divisions. Christiansen’s team has seven imports, but they went through the registration process in April and competed in numerous games without any problems, until recently.

Does anyone else find it offensive that white kids are “imports” in a purportedly Canadian sports league?

What would the reaction be to a ‘White-Canadian Soccer Association“…..

Vancouver Sun, Blazing Cat Fur

TO Mayor Ford can read and drive at the same time…

14 Aug

Reading while driving is not illegal, according to Toronto police.

Trudeau can flip us the bird, Chretien can choke a man in public and Layton can visit an Oriental whorehouse and we get crickets from the media – but Ford not breaking the law is a “Breaking Story” in the Socialist Media

More at BC Blue…

Globe and Mail

Pierre Trudeau would be proud of Pauline Marois…

14 Aug

In Trudeau’s Canada, everyone is equal, but some are more equal than othersQuebec has it down to an art...

If you’re an Anglophone in Quebec and the Parti Québécois wins the Sept. 4 election, your life is destined to become a little more difficult.

PQ leader Pauline Marois has announced that, if elected, her party would adopt a tougher language law within a hundred days of taking office….

“The message has to be clear: in Quebec we live in French, we work in French, we communicate in French,” Marois said during a campaign stop in Montreal on Sunday.


When Quebec has another referendum to leave Canada, can the rest of us vote?

Yahoo Canada

Howard Kurtz – The Liberal Echo Chamber…

14 Aug

Apparently in mid-town Manhattan, Paul Ryan is unqualified to lead…

Is Paul Ryan a Ticking Time Bomb as Mitt Romney’s Running Mate?

Fortunately most Americans live a long way from New York…

Ryan, 42, still lives in his home town of Janesville, Wis., with his wife, Janna, and their three children, and he sleeps in his congressional office on weeknights. In his private life, Ryan pursues the hobbies of an everyman with an overachiever’s zeal. He sweats through grueling “P90x” workouts in the House gym. He beats other legislators in contests to recite the most lines from “Fletch.” And he fishes for catfish — with his bare hands.

Flake remembered once calling Ryan’s cellphone on a weekend: Ryan answered in a whisper. Flake talked for five minutes about the farm bill before Ryan cut him off: “Can I call you back? I’m in a deer stand.”

Ryan is clearly more palatable to most Americans than the current “Pussy in Chief” and his “idiot VP”

WaPo, Daily Beast

GM Union – Remember workers’ ‘sacrifices’, CAW tells Detroit Three…

14 Aug

If by “sacrifice” they mean having 17.5% of the company handed over to the Union… 

(how’s that working out….)

But don’t talk about how the bondholders and non-union employees were screwed by the bailout….

The three companies have transformed their U.S. labour agreements so that workers no longer receive annual wage increases. Any pay beyond basic hourly wages is now based on profits the companies generate and comes in the form of bonuses.

The other key variable is the rise in the value of the Canadian dollar, which has sent hourly labour costs soaring in Canada when compared with the costs the companies face in their U.S. plants.

That is turning Canada into one of the highest-cost auto making jurisdictions in the world for General Motors Co., said one person familiar with the situation.

…(The Companies) have the nerve to say Canada is a terrible place to invest,” Canadian Auto workers president Ken Lewenza…


…it’s not Canada Ken, it’s your union run company…

Globe and Mail


July Retail Sales “Beat” – BS from Obama’s Census Bureau…

14 Aug

The Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) has been “adjusting” the employment statistics for nearly 60 weeks in an effort to prop up Obama’s re-election effort.  Now the Census Bureau is playing the same game with monthly sales stats –  A nice big ‘Seasonal Adjustment” on retail sales stats will lift the market, and give Obama some good news for his swing state bus tour…at least for today.

Ignoring the facts doesn’t change the facts….

retail sales data in July actually declined by 0.9% from $405.8 to $402 billion

…with the July seasonal adjustment factor routinely subtracting a substantial amount from the NSA number, averaging at -$5.2 billion, in 2012, for the first time this decade, the seasonal adjustment not only did not subtract, but in fact added “value” to the NSA number, resulting in a seasonally adjusted number that was $1.9 billion higher than the NSA number at $403.9 billion.


Zero Hedge


Obama: Saved the Auto Industry…Wants to Save Every Industry…

14 Aug

Taxpayers to Lose $25 Billion on Auto Bailout, Not $3.3 billion

The government still holds 500 million shares of GM stock and needs to sell them for about $53 each to recover its entire $49.5 billion bailout. At the current price, the Treasury would lose more than $16 billion on its GM bailout.


Now Obama wants to weave his magic across the economy….

“I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he said. “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.

He’s already started saving the coal industry..

Romney/Ryan – 2012… please…

EU: The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common…

14 Aug

Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views

As the former communists who run the EU are realizing their grand scheme was flawed from the beginning, their reaction is predictable –

They lie…

When you sit back and take a hard look at the last two years you begin to learn a few things. If you just stick to the actual data and forget the rhetoric that surrounds it the picture becomes clearer. Each and every projection for Greece, Spain and Italy that has been forecast by the EU and the IMF has been wrong; dead wrong. This would be in overly optimistic to the point that anyone relying on these projections and investing on their basis would lose money as a result of believing in them. I submit then that it is a mistake going forward to accept their numbers as reliable and you should note this in your thinking…

…The problem with Europe is that there are seventeen countries using the Euro each with their own national interests that are becoming more and more polarized between the healthy nations and the financially impaired countries. In fact there are only a few nations left in Europe that are in decent shape so that the bedrock is crumbling from beneath the construct and everyone wants everyone else to pay the bills which is becoming impossible as Germany, given its finances, increasingly finds itself in a very lonely corner.

What are the odds Germany beats Greece to the EU exit…

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