EU: The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common…

14 Aug

Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views

As the former communists who run the EU are realizing their grand scheme was flawed from the beginning, their reaction is predictable –

They lie…

When you sit back and take a hard look at the last two years you begin to learn a few things. If you just stick to the actual data and forget the rhetoric that surrounds it the picture becomes clearer. Each and every projection for Greece, Spain and Italy that has been forecast by the EU and the IMF has been wrong; dead wrong. This would be in overly optimistic to the point that anyone relying on these projections and investing on their basis would lose money as a result of believing in them. I submit then that it is a mistake going forward to accept their numbers as reliable and you should note this in your thinking…

…The problem with Europe is that there are seventeen countries using the Euro each with their own national interests that are becoming more and more polarized between the healthy nations and the financially impaired countries. In fact there are only a few nations left in Europe that are in decent shape so that the bedrock is crumbling from beneath the construct and everyone wants everyone else to pay the bills which is becoming impossible as Germany, given its finances, increasingly finds itself in a very lonely corner.

What are the odds Germany beats Greece to the EU exit…


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