GM Union – Remember workers’ ‘sacrifices’, CAW tells Detroit Three…

14 Aug

If by “sacrifice” they mean having 17.5% of the company handed over to the Union… 

(how’s that working out….)

But don’t talk about how the bondholders and non-union employees were screwed by the bailout….

The three companies have transformed their U.S. labour agreements so that workers no longer receive annual wage increases. Any pay beyond basic hourly wages is now based on profits the companies generate and comes in the form of bonuses.

The other key variable is the rise in the value of the Canadian dollar, which has sent hourly labour costs soaring in Canada when compared with the costs the companies face in their U.S. plants.

That is turning Canada into one of the highest-cost auto making jurisdictions in the world for General Motors Co., said one person familiar with the situation.

…(The Companies) have the nerve to say Canada is a terrible place to invest,” Canadian Auto workers president Ken Lewenza…


…it’s not Canada Ken, it’s your union run company…

Globe and Mail



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