98% of Canadians are Idiots: Globe and Mail

15 Aug

Two per cent said they don’t believe climate change is occurring at all.

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UPDATED via SDAonly 9% of Riders Fans are Idiots (bottom right of page)….

A company that relies on never ending taxpayer subsidies to stay in the business of capturing an invisible, odorless gas and “storing it” in the ground conducted an on-line poll of 1500 Canadians to find out their views on “Climate Change”.

What could possibly go wrong?

Unlike traditional telephone polling, in which respondents are randomly selected, the Insightrix survey was conducted online among 1,550 respondents, all of whom were chosen from a larger pool of people who agreed to participate in ongoing research. They were compensated for participating.

Unsurprisingly, Canada’s National Danforth Newspaper trots the study results out as good research, and devotes 1000 words.


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