Baird Reverses Decison To Fund Terror Group…Just in Time

15 Aug

Canadian bureaucrats were very nearly successful in funneling millions in “aid” to Omar Khadr’s family terror business known as “Canadian Relief for Syria”…

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has abruptly reversed course on his plan to get badly needed medical supplies into Syria by way of a Canadian aid organization.

Just days after traveling to Jordan to announce some $2-million in aid, Mr. Baird confirmed Wednesday that the government will not be providing the money to the group known as Canadian Relief for Syria.

….“It’s just a medical centre.”

Right –

Because no one is more concerned about the welfare of their fellow human beings than the Khadr Clan...

Earlier in McLean’s….

Canada is giving two million dollars to a group collecting money on behalf of a charity whose Pakistan office was once run by alleged al-Qaeda financier Ahmed Said Khadr, the late father of Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr.

More at Blazing Cat Fur

Globe and Mail, McLean’s



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