Greece Enters the Black Hole

15 Aug

In most other instances, a 6.2% contraction in a national economy would be catastrophic – but we’re talking about Greece in this instance.  Despite the lies and subterfuge of the Communists in the EU, the market is working to sort out Greece’s (and ultimately the EU’s) economic challenges.

Germany will not bankroll the EU folly any longer, Spain will be the next Greece and Italy is not far behind.  France is unsustainable as well.

The sooner the laggard statelets in the EU admit the obvious, exit the ill-conceived EU/Euro scam and revert to their traditional floating currencies, the sooner they can start working their way out of the mess they created.

Chances are Germany will pull out before Greece – regardless, there will be civil strife, and possibly war again in Europe again. And again the misery will be the direct result of failed and false Socialist philosophy and Communist influence.

EU Referendum, Zero Hedge, Reuters


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