The Germans Know it’s Over

18 Aug

And are beating Greece to the exit…

…With that, the Germans have at last peered into the abyss that opens in front of them as a result of pouring all that money into the coffers of their eurozone partners. And to say that they don’t like what they see is a wild understatement.

Reported daily in such papers as Die Welt, Handelsblatt and Der Spiegel, a succession of politicians, financiers and commentators have concluded that, with Greece about to go bankrupt and Spain and Italy to follow, enough is enough.

Most of them argue that Greece must be allowed to leave the euro, and there is popular support for the idea, Many would like to see Spain, Italy and others leave.

So dire has this crisis become – with one senior politician estimating Germany’s potential liability at more than $1 trillion – that voices are now being raised to say that the only practical solution to this mess would be for Germany itself to abandon the euro.

Socialism is spending other people’s money – and the Germans are getting tired of being the “other people”…

Doubtful the EU lasts long enough to help Obama…


EU Referendum



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