EU Fail Odds at 90%

21 Aug

Make it 100%

Essentially it’s over – the only ones who don’t know it are the commies at the EU and their useful idiots in the media…

The dominoes are lined up…


In one sense Greece played the game well and got way more money than they should have ever been given and Germany played the game badly and allowed themselves to be suckered into a corner where they should have never gone but now with the stakes so high it will end soon and you can bet on it; a 90% you have it right bet.

Draghi “Hail Mary”…

…whatever it takes” flashing neon billboard proclamation is stopped in its tracks by the realizations that someone has to pay for all of this, that there are economic consequences of printing money and that the ECB is only as sound as the financial health of the nations in the EU which fund it…

Spain is cooked…

The country can no longer afford itself, cannot afford their obligations for the European Union and I predict a very hard landing.

They’ll try to hang on after the US election – and they just may pull it off until then, but collapse is on the horizon – followed by civil strife, and maybe worse.

All the result of Communist hubris and policy at the EU…
Zero Hedge




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