“… unlike Obama, Ryan has a plan…

21 Aug

…as opposed to a narrative—for this country.”

Mr. Obama may be sensitive for another reason as well. He’s been called the smartest president ever. But Mr. Ryan is not only more knowledgeable than Mr. Obama about fiscal and economic issues, he’s more adept at debating them.

Referring to Obama as the “smartest president ever” damns some great men with faint praise…

They would like to do to him what they did to Sarah Palin when she was John McCain’s running mate in 2008. Mrs. Palin’s biography raised questions about her qualifications to be vice president, but after 14 years in Congress Mr. Ryan’s qualifications are sterling. Critics are left with the option of attacking him as an extremist or a phony. But the evidence from his career in Washington indicates that he is neither.

Until now, Obama has managed to remain the smartest guy in the room by picking who else gets to be in the room.

Things change.



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