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Poor Adrian Dix – and he was doing so well…

22 Aug

Keeping his head down and his mouth shut is his best bet for becoming premier…

and now this…

“If we do nothing, then the decision of the B.C. government will be made by [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper. I don’t think that’s acceptable to British Columbians. I think the people of B.C. want people in B.C. to have a voice in that process and we intend to provide that,”

In the battle over who mis-understands Constitutional Law, Clark is well out in front, but Dix just made up some big ground…

His AG designate (apparently) happily displays his ignorance of reality…

Questions remain, however, on what the province could do to stop a project that appears to be under federal jurisdiction. When asked if B.C. could legally block Northern Gateway, Mr. Rankin suggested it’s possible, though there’s little case law to draw from.

Or none – because the Province can’t stop it.

BC Blue asks some cogent questions...
Globe and Mail


We’ve Already Gone Over the Cliff

22 Aug

Most people just don’t realize it yet….

….because European bond investors are so shell shocked that they’d rather park money in a bond that’s guaranteed to only lose a miniscule amount rather than risk losing more in a PIIGS bond that actually pays some interest. In addition, many investors view German, French and Dutch bonds to be cheap options on the break-up of the Eurozone.

Its worse for public pensions…

Michael Fletcher from the Washington Post writes, “Among other things, the new accounting rules from Moody’s and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) limit the rate of return on future investments that pension funds can assume for accounting purposes. Most government pension funds assume a 7 percent to 8 percent return, which critics say overstates future investment income.”10With the US 10-year bond now paying less than 2% a year, assuming a 7-8% return isn’t an overstatement, it’s a fantasy.

Buy Gold and Ammo…


Zero Hedge

Intellectual Shortcomings in Holder’s DOJ

22 Aug


Who’s surprised?  But at least it was planned…

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is, to put it charitably, not without its critics. This story is likely to sharpen their criticisms.

A memo from within the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division obtained by Pajamas Media shows that the Justice Department not only hires, but makes a point of hiring people with so-called “intellectual disabilities,” mental disorders and other problems, some of which could easily be seen to effect one’s competence.

Apparently they started at the top….

The Blaze


Nelson Mandela – Replacing Racism with Tribalism

22 Aug

In North America, we seem reluctant to call Black on Black violence what it is...

Why is there reluctance to discuss the killing of 34 miners in South Africa? Because it explodes the myth of a post-Apartheid ‘rainbow nation’.

In South Africa it is a way of life…

In the words of one SA observer, ‘The most striking thing about the reaction is the lack of it’. Many people refer to the massacre as a ‘tragedy’, as if it were an accident at a mine rather than an act of state terror at a mine, or simply as an ‘incident’, that catch-all word that can cover everything from a scuffle on a bus to, it seems, the killing in three minutes flat of 34 people.

African tribes have been massacring each other since the dawn of time


The Next T-Shirt Campaign: Stop Gay Self Mutilation….

22 Aug

Who gets to pick the colour?

How screwed up does one need to be to “carve” anti-gay slurs in your own skin to “be a catalyst for change”?

Woman Faked Gruesome Anti-Gay Attack to Spark Change

Four days before Charlie Rogers crawled naked and bleeding from her Lincoln home, screaming for help, she outlined in a Facebook post what investigators believe was her motive for faking the July 22 attack, Police Chief Jim Peschong said at a news conference.

“So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me,” read the July 18 posting, according to police.

This isn’t the first time..

Maybe the “Gay Hate” is “Self Hate”…

The Blaze

Christy Clark – The Predictable Result of On-Line Voting…

22 Aug

Martyn Brown – former BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s  chief of staff encapsulates the Christy Clark’s “Family First” plan…

“Unfortunately for B.C. Liberals, Premier Clark has steered her government along an erratic course. She has edged her way forward by bumping against public opinion and by scraping against each new hazard, and then veering away in whatever direction seems to be safest,” he writes.

He also nicely describes Clark’s infantile position on Northern Gateway

Ms. Clark chose to be “officially undecided, unofficially supportive and as invisible as possible” on the proposed $6-billion pipeline to ship oil-sands bitumen to the B.C. coast for shipment to Asia before she took her controversial stand.

When the BC Liberals went for a talk show host of a leader, elected by Internet voting – they got exactly what they deserved.

Globe and Mail


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