Christy Clark – The Predictable Result of On-Line Voting…

22 Aug

Martyn Brown – former BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s  chief of staff encapsulates the Christy Clark’s “Family First” plan…

“Unfortunately for B.C. Liberals, Premier Clark has steered her government along an erratic course. She has edged her way forward by bumping against public opinion and by scraping against each new hazard, and then veering away in whatever direction seems to be safest,” he writes.

He also nicely describes Clark’s infantile position on Northern Gateway

Ms. Clark chose to be “officially undecided, unofficially supportive and as invisible as possible” on the proposed $6-billion pipeline to ship oil-sands bitumen to the B.C. coast for shipment to Asia before she took her controversial stand.

When the BC Liberals went for a talk show host of a leader, elected by Internet voting – they got exactly what they deserved.

Globe and Mail



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