Poor Adrian Dix – and he was doing so well…

22 Aug

Keeping his head down and his mouth shut is his best bet for becoming premier…

and now this…

“If we do nothing, then the decision of the B.C. government will be made by [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper. I don’t think that’s acceptable to British Columbians. I think the people of B.C. want people in B.C. to have a voice in that process and we intend to provide that,”

In the battle over who mis-understands Constitutional Law, Clark is well out in front, but Dix just made up some big ground…

His AG designate (apparently) happily displays his ignorance of reality…

Questions remain, however, on what the province could do to stop a project that appears to be under federal jurisdiction. When asked if B.C. could legally block Northern Gateway, Mr. Rankin suggested it’s possible, though there’s little case law to draw from.

Or none – because the Province can’t stop it.

BC Blue asks some cogent questions...
Globe and Mail


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