Springtime in Cairo…

23 Aug

Remember when the CBC and all the liberals were giddy with the “Arab Spring”?  The hipster Twittershpere was atwitter with tweets of peaceful demonstrations, democracy and “rainbow coalitions“.  The Muslim Bro’hood was nothing more than a force force for peace, love and equality…

How’s that working out…

Things are going very badly in Egypt…Contemporaneous with ousting the pro-American Mubarak remnants [of the Egyptian military leadership], President Morsi assumed dictatorial powers. He indicated that he would unilaterally oversee the drafting of a new constitution. There is not much mystery about what it will say: During the campaign, he vowed that Egyptian law would be “the sharia, then the sharia, and finally, the sharia.”

Meanwhile, dissenters and journalists are already being imprisoned and beaten — if not worse. (There are unconfirmed reports that crucifixion is making a comeback.) Terrorist leaders have been sprung from the prisons. The Sinai has become a jihadist haven. Women are attacked in the street if they fail to don the veil. A fatwa that prohibited eating during Ramadan was issued. Christians are fleeing in droves, their churches torched behind them. And the emirs of Hamas are warmly received as brotherly dignitaries.

In other news….Obama backs the Bro’hood…

NRO via Power Line



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