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Obama Needs the EU to Survive

24 Aug

The failure of the EU is inevitable and always was. There are a few reasons for the denial of the obvious and the resistance by the Communists in the EU to find a rational way to wind the thing down.  Ego, influence and personal financial gain for the EU elite top the list, but clearly the back channel pressure from the Obama campaign to at least delay surrender until after the Presidential election must be severe.

Obama’s view of government is an EU/Soviet style of central planning and control. The failure of the EU would be a damning indictment of Obama’s world political view.  More urgent however is the impact on the US markets (which Obama/Bernanke have been inflating for 4 years) of an EU collapse would be devastating to Obama’s false narrative of “recovery” and thus any slim chance he has of winning the election “fairly”.

British government sources have suggested the Obama administration is urging eurozone Governments to hold off from taking any drastic action before then – fearing the resulting market destabilization could damage President Obama’s re-election prospects.

European leaders are thought to be sympathetic to the Obama lobbying, fearing that, under pressure from his party in Congress, Mitt Romney would be a more isolationist president than Mr Obama. So once again GRExit is assured economically; but it is an entirely political decision.


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