Globe and Mail has no access to google

27 Aug

If they did, they may have actually done some research into D-List Obama endorser, Charlie Crist

It is clear to everyone but (American MSM), that the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Obama Campaign Administration.  To see both the ignorance of US politics and the advocacy for the Dems by Canadian “news” outlets, this time the Toronto Globe and Mail, is embarrassing, but expected…

Former GOP governor’s Obama endorsement throws the right a curveball

Florida’s former Republican governor, Charlie Crist, stole almost as much of the convention’s thunder as Isaac by formally endorsing President Barack Obama over GOP nominee Mitt Romney on Sunday. He lashed out at the GOP for moving so far to the right that moderates like him have been left with no other choice but to quit the party.

Charlie Crist endorsing Obama is like Bob Rae endorsing Jack Layton – and carries about as much weight

Charlie’s view has apparently evolved...

Crist: I Don’t Agree with President Obama.  “He also wanted to make it clear that backing Obama on one issue doesn’t mean he supports him on everything. “I don’t agree with the guy on hardly anything.”

Most people get their news from the Internet for a reason.



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