It Ain’t The Uterus, Stupid…

29 Aug

James Carville, big Dem strategist and pollster is credited with coined the famous “its the economy, stupid” just ran a poll…

Looks like he and Dem friends are discovering no amount of attention on the uterus, the condom or pill will win this thing for Barry (and his late term abortion pals at the DNC)… Despite all the card stacking and oversampling…it’s still the economy that will decide, and the indies are breaking HARD for Romney/Ryan...

Democracy Corps — that’s James Carville and Stan Greenberg’s polling outfit — has Romney up 16 points with independents.

16 points.

Voter ID typically runs low-to-mid 30s for Republicans and Democrats alike, leaving the remainder as Independents. What’s that mean? If Carville and Greenberg have it right (and many other polls show Romney way up with Indies), it can mean only one thing: Democrats are being oversampled, and grossly.

If this is the picture the Dems are prepared to release publicly, their internals must be terrifyingLandslide Romney?

PJ Tattler via I Hate the Media


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