EU Data – Garbage in…

31 Aug

Despite the euphoria of the Commies in the EU over the past couple of days, there remains the unsettling fact that all of the projections these crooks have made in the past have been wrong. There is no reason to expect this time will be any different.

The basis of every upward swing in Europe is some new agreement based on new data – the basis for every drop in EU sentiment is the realization that every new agreement is completely unworkable, because the data is flawed.

They’ll do everything they can to hang on to give Obama a better chance of winning in November… then…

It is now quite apparent that the numbers for all of the Spanish banks, all of them, are inaccurate if American standards are applied.

Their projections for Europe and each and every country in Europe have been wrong, dead wrong and far too optimistic. There is such a strong pattern here than I wonder if it is the methodology employed by the IMF or that the data provided by the European nations has been more fantasy than reality. Either option would provide a reason why the projections have been so incorrect and it may not be just one option or the other; but both.

…many have wondered, why the crisis in Europe is so severe and I believe that I have found the answer; we have been staring at numbers that are not real and, whatever the real numbers are, they are providing the consequences that result from their actuality.

Zero Hege


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