Muslims Disappointed …We Need More Minarets…

1 Sep

Jihadists and  unindicted co-conspirators from CAIR were encouraged to gather in Charlotte today ahead of the DNC to show their love for Obama (Peace be With Him)… they called for 20,000 … 300 showed up…

Islamic prayers in Marshall Park draw critics Charlotte Observer, Aug. 31, 2012 (thanks to John)

Muslim leaders were disappointed that the event, expected to draw thousands, attracted about 300. But they said their message – that Muslim Americans should take part in the political process – was more important than their number.

The DNC, which refused any Christian presence at their convention, had originally promoted the “Jumah” as a symbol of Democrat tolerance – back-pedalled furiously after the dismal showing…

A DNC host committee official said Thursday the committee had never sponsored the Muslim event. The event was removed from the committee website’s events calendar, the official said, “because speakers for the event and statements and positions from event organizers were not appropriate and relevant to the host committee.”

Atlas Shrugged




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