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“Who Spilled the Bong Water” at the DNC…

6 Sep

Things get a little foggy for Democrats in Charlotte

John Kass is watching the same DNC as the rest of us – DWS and Chris Matthews are in an alternate universe

The first two days at the Democratic National Convention have been a disaster of biblical proportions as far as political messaging. There was that squabble over whether the party platform should even mention God, and include a reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel…

The stems and seeds of this disaster were planted when the Obama campaign, desperate to rekindle the cool factor with younger voters, appeared in a commercial with actors who play the noted Hollywood potheads in the movies. Obama was promoting a live-stream event of his convention address Thursday night. In the commercial, the one thing I couldn’t spot on Harold & Kumar’s iconic coffee table was their bong.


Chicago Tribune


Peace River BC – Ring of Fire

6 Sep

The Globe and Mail reports that “fracking” has caused “scores” of earthquakes in Northern BC

These caused no damage or injuries, and only one was felt on the surface near pre-existing faults. Still, a recent probe into the quakes could well provide ammunition to those opposed to this method of drilling for natural gas…

Quakes recorded by Natural Resources Canada ranged from 2.2 to 3.8 on the Richter scale, below the 4 mark and thus deemed minor….

So no damage, no injuries and only one on a “pre-existing” fault (is the clear implication here is that fracking “could” create a “new” fault?).

Glossed over in the “probe” is the fact that the oil industry in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan has been pumping sand and fluid into hydrocarbon formations for decades with no effect other than increased employment and prosperity.

Hard to determine which is sadder – the ignorance and advocacy of the Globe, or the spineless response by Canada’s Oil Industry…

Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald


Meanwhile – Back in Greece…

6 Sep

The Media Party has tired of reporting anything negative about Europe as it focuses on its main objective of re-electing Obama…

It’s cop on cop as the EU’s  largely forgotten Greek tragedy continues to play out for the people forced to live with consequences of Europe’s latest experiment with Communism…

The government plans to slash police pay in a new round of spending cuts worth nearly 12 billion euros over the next two years. The savings plan is expected to provoke new street protests in the coming weeks by austerity-weary Greeks fed up with repeated wage and pension cuts.

When civil war finally breaks out in Greece, be assured the communists at the European Commission will be nowhere in sight.

It will be harder to ignore the coming Spanish, Italian and French insurrections.


Stephanie Cutter Must be Getting Big Bucks…

6 Sep

From the Obama Campaign

Because when she lies like she does, it must be hard to sleep at night…


There was an election in Quebec?

6 Sep

Apparently the separatists are in charge again in Quebec….

An Ipsos Reid poll published in June reported that 49 per cent of Canadians living outside Quebec “don’t really care” if Quebec separates from the country.

The “traditional” animosity Quebec held for the rest of Canada was largely the result of Trudeau-esque Liberal policies of ignoring the Canadian constitution, imposing the federal government in areas clearly enumerated as provincial powers.

Under Harper, who seems to have a more literal understanding of the separation of federal and provincial powers, Quebec (and Alberta) appear to be content to pursue their own agendas….

And Harper doesn’t need Quebec to retain power — so if they want to leave, most Canadians would be just as happy.

Globe and Mail, Sun News

Why do Jews Support the Democrats?

6 Sep

There is little doubt Obama and his secular anti-Semite pals who run the Democrat Party have no intention of supporting Israelbut they still need the Jewish vote (and money) to advance their agenda.

Amending the Dem platform in mid-convention is not just unusual – it’s unheard of.  Inserting “God” and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the Democrat election platform, after Obama (peace be with him…) approved the platform without those provisions should have angered Jewish voters, who have ignored the omission.  The amendment enraged the Islamists (who have co-opted the Democrats under Obama).

The Democrats show their “support” for God and Israel here…


UPDATED:  Roger Simon at PJ Media has more here

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