Peace River BC – Ring of Fire

6 Sep

The Globe and Mail reports that “fracking” has caused “scores” of earthquakes in Northern BC

These caused no damage or injuries, and only one was felt on the surface near pre-existing faults. Still, a recent probe into the quakes could well provide ammunition to those opposed to this method of drilling for natural gas…

Quakes recorded by Natural Resources Canada ranged from 2.2 to 3.8 on the Richter scale, below the 4 mark and thus deemed minor….

So no damage, no injuries and only one on a “pre-existing” fault (is the clear implication here is that fracking “could” create a “new” fault?).

Glossed over in the “probe” is the fact that the oil industry in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan has been pumping sand and fluid into hydrocarbon formations for decades with no effect other than increased employment and prosperity.

Hard to determine which is sadder – the ignorance and advocacy of the Globe, or the spineless response by Canada’s Oil Industry…

Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald



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