Real Life Isn’t Anything Like Joining a Facebook Group…

10 Sep

NDP MP seeks public’s help with legal bills in robo-calls case

Pat Martin – one of Canada’s National Socialist Party’s most experienced, yet most foolish MPs, jumped to a predictably foolish conclusion, managed to defame and libel a private company over a mythical, media concocted “scandal”.

Now he is asking his “supporters” to foot the bill…

I predict that RackNine will become the Conservative Party’s Groupaction, and I predict that we will find that the sheer magnitude and audacity of the ‘ RackNine rascals’ will be enough to make Richard Nixon blush,” Mr. Martin said in February.

But Elections Canada has said RackNine is not under investigation and Mr. Meier has co-operated extensively with the watchdog to help track down the culprit, saying he had no idea his dialing equipment was being misused.

RackNine served notice it would sue.

Globe and Mail



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