Harper’s Conservatives have a 7 point lead…

16 Sep

Liberals and NDP say Canadians are stupid…

Liberal MP Ralph Goodale echoed that sentiment, adding that the government’s handling of the spring omnibus budget bill was symptomatic of its general contempt for parliamentary democracy.

“If it’s the same kind of attitude and the same style that we saw in the spring, then there’s very likely to be a lot of acrimony about that,” Mr. Goodale said.

“Not only did members of Parliament not like it, but Canadians generally didn’t like that approach to just lumping everything together, cutting off debate, ramming it through and telling people basically to go to hell.”

We just don’t know what is good for us…

The Conservatives had a 10-point lead in Ontario, with 39 per cent to the Liberals’ 29, the NDP’s 23 and the Greens’ six.

The NDP and Conservatives were tied at 33 per cent in British Columbia, with the Liberals at 19 and the Greens at 13.

The Conservatives held a commanding lead in Alberta and Manitoba/Saskatchewan.

And Quebec is irrelevant

Globe and Mail


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