The attack on Iran will come shortly…

18 Sep

Israel’s Pre-War Planning

In the 1930s, the Nazi regime gave repeated cause to fear its ambitions. That generated appeasement efforts and it did nothing to deter them. The Empire of Japan had already attacked China. War put an end to both these threats to civilization, to humanity. War again is required to end Iran’s comparable threats and to damp down the turmoil sweeping through Muslim nations…

… Should President Obama fear to engage Iran in support of Israel he would increase the odds of a World War III and put his campaign for reelection in jeopardy. His pusillanimous excuses for inaction have not gone unnoticed by American voters

China v. Japan, Muslim v. America, EU Collapsing – Obama parties with Jay-Z. Hope and Change.

OTOH….All-out Middle East war as good as it gets

Beyond  being rid of Obama, there might be some other silver linings….

Warning Signs, Spengler

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