“Wipe out all Japanese dogs” … “Death to America”…

18 Sep

Nature abhors a vacuum – and Obama is the most vacuous President in history…

While much of the West is wrapped up in the unlikely possibility that an Internet trailer could result in the murder of a US Ambassador and 3 others, acts of war against US sovereign facilities and the resulting suspension of the First Amendment …

China is getting set to go to war with Japan – over the anniversary of Japan’s occupation of some uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

Rowdy protests sprang up in other major cities including Shanghai, raising the risk they could get out of hand and backfire on Beijing, which has given tacit approval to them through state media. One Hong Kong newspaper said some protesters in southern Shenzhen had been detained for calling for democracy and human rights.

The “protests” in China against Japan make the Arab Fail demonstrations look like homecoming week – and like the Middle East, they are government sponsored and encouraged.

China’s phantom economy is collapsing, and the Chinese government need to create a scapegoat – Sayonara Japan

The result of Obama’s foreign policy – or lack thereof – will result in war on multiple fronts

Peace be upon Him

Zero Hedge



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