Australia is giving up on Multiculturalism?

19 Sep

We can only hope – and follow their lead…

So what are we? Any serious and objective examination can lead to only one conclusion: We are not multicultural, at least in terms of Australia’s public culture. What we are is a very successful multiethnic society that has maintained a high degree of stability by official, and more recently unofficial, coercion of immigrants towards assimilation into the dominant Anglo public culture. We are, for all practical purposes, the same public monoculture that we have been for most of Australia’s white history, at least as far as our public culture is concerned. I actually think all governments understand this. In the 39 years since it was first proclaimed by Al Grassby, successive governments—including the Hawke Labor Government—have whittled away and read down the official definitions of multiculturalism, and always in deference to the preponderant position of the dominant Anglo culture.

Indeed, the current definition of “multiculturalism” is so wishy-washy it can be summed up thus: You can do most of what you would like in private but do not transgress the boundaries that have been set by the dominant Anglo culture. In your public dealings you have to be like us, and in return we will treat your non-threatening practices as quaint and interesting forms of exotica—if we do not just ignore them entirely. If that is all there is to it—if that is all multiculturalism means in the twenty-first century—then we might as well accept what we are, what our culture is and what it is not. We can say sayonara, aloha, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, arrivederci and goodbye to that silly relic of 1970s Whitlam era: official multiculturalism.

Little more can be added…but the entire speech is worth reading – and more here

via Andrew Bolt


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