You might as well call it “The Kardashian Recovery”

19 Sep

The so-called “Clinton Recovery” had far less to with Clinton, and much more to do with a Republican Congress that forced the Socialist pervert to adopt a more “centrist” stance…

Most of the time, domestic and global business cycles, monetary policy and other factors were the primary drivers. However, to recreate the policy conditions which prevailed would require a centrist – who most likely would have been excommunicated by his party for heresy as the political middle ground occupied by the party non-conformists is gone.

So, where does that leave us? To recreate the policy conditions which prevailed during the Clinton Recovery (not necessarily the President’s preferred policies), we would theoretically need to find a Presidential candidate who would:

  • Raise taxes on the wealthy to improve public finances, but also be willing to reduce taxes on capital gains
  • Cut military spending whenever possible
  • Agree to reduce the scope of government entitlements and take on entrenched constituencies, in spite of multiple decades of program expansion, and in spite of the political risks (there were multiple resignations at Health and Human Services after the Welfare Reform Act)
  • Encourage free trade and deregulation
  • Support private sector solutions to healthcare
  • Maintain conservative housing underwriting standards, without coercing private sector entities to act as conduits for fiscal policy/affordable lending programs

I’d add broadening the tax base to include the 47%….

Of the two guys running for President, only one comes close to meeting this list – and it isn’t the incumbent.


Zero Hedge


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