Quebec Socialists Ban Fracking, Close Nuclear Power Plant

20 Sep

Elections have consequences…one of which will be the frogs freezing in the dark while asking Alberta for more money…

In an astonishing, but unsurprising, display of Leftard stupidity, the newly minted Socialist government has decided to close a perfectly good electric power plant, and pay extra welfare to the displaced workers – in other news, Quebec is broke... and have banned fracking

The Quebec government has announced it is closing the Gentilly II nuclear power plant.

Premier Pauline Marois made the announcement on Thursday, adding that a $200-million fund will be created to compensate for economic impacts the move will have on the community of Nicolet in Mauricie region, where the plant is located.

When Quebec holds its next referendum, can the rest of us vote?

Globe and Mail, Sun, Vancouver Sun



2 Responses to “Quebec Socialists Ban Fracking, Close Nuclear Power Plant”

  1. Hugo Dufort September 20, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    The Gentilly 2 nuclear reactor makes less than 3% of Quebec’s electricity, requires 800 full-time employees on site and costs much more to operate than any equivalent gas or hydroelectric dam. It has reached its useful life, and refurbishing it would cost 3 billion dollars. While Gentilly 2 is useful and helps normalize the distribution grid in southern Quebec, it is NOT a necessary asset.

    New Brunswick is wasting billions of dollars trying to refurbish Pointe Lepreau, Gentilly’s twin nuclear reactor. An aging CANDU is really a money pit.

    • kootenaybob September 20, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

      All good points – the convenient symbolism of the announced closure is telling however, and despite the obvious economic advantage, replacing Gentilly 2 with a hydro dam, or a gas fired (or more efficient coal fired) generating plant will never happen under a socialist regime such as Marois’. Taken in combination with an announced ban on fracking, and a war on Asbestos mining, the message is clear that Quebec is not open for business.

      Of course if Marois agenda is successful, there will be very little demand for energy from any source in Quebec – so perhaps its accidentally strategic…

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